Feb 4:  /  Sleepless girlfriend she / yells at the blankets last night / run, pillows, and hide. First (and probably last) fictionalized Haiku. Art, right, it’s art. This has been a Morning Caffeine Blast, #15.

Feb 3:  /1st of 2/  The 2012 Preemptive Non-Photoshop Challenge: Your friends are going to post fake pix anyway. Have fun with reality. Make the awkward and embarrassing moment for reals.  Drinking like fish helps. Ricky Noren, Is it a workable party theme? This has been a Morning Caffeine Blast, #14.

// 10:32am:   Olympics I’d pay to see: Performing on the Chemical Imbalance Beam, impressing the judges, nice form so far . . . . here’s the dismount . . . . Awww! Medic! Morning Caffeine Blast, #14a.

Feb 2:  / Itunes Random Mix just tossed in “Laura” from “Romantic Moods of Jackie Gleason” (Disc 2). Big Band, sultry. Checked the room for Bogart & Bacall. Not sure what year this is now. Morning Caffeine Blast, #13.

Feb 1: / People wouldn’t  feel so under-appreciated if they didn’t have such a high opinion of themselves. This is a Morning Caffeine Blast, #12.