Apr 13:  /  I’m not superstitious, maybe a little stitious, but my black cat, Yuki (might be Loki) says I’ve got a pass.  Friday the 13th: Not my favorite movie series. MCB, #84. (Friday) (the 13th!!)

Apr 12:  /  It looks like something rather amazing. Well, this is not news! This has been a Morning Caffeine Blast, #83. (Thursday)     Bonus MCB = Feedback solicited here: Hairball for cats=no biggie; hairball for people=settle the hell down! New product: Soul Tattoo. It stays with you in the next world too. MCB, #83a.

Apr 11:  /  Cat news: Tracy’s Asha had some bad choppers. Mouse Pate will be served al dente but fresh. & Spring colds suck. MCB, #82.  (Wednesday)

Apr 10:  /  Reckless productivity is happening! Nicholas Anthony’s new release, “Professional Child” is playing on my iTunes. Errands are being completed.  AND it’s my Mother’s birthday, so Happy Birthday Mom, see ya in a couple hours! This has been a SignificantDay Morning Caffeine Blast! #81 and counting! (Tuesday) 

Apr  9:  /  College classes about historical failures do help me gain perspective on the vast range of modern stupidity. This generation has bragging rights for now. Oh Joy, it will evolve into something else. I hope it’s laughable. MCB, #80. (Monday)

Apr  8:  /  Nyquil will battle the Morning Caffeine Blast. There WILL be fever dreams. Insert your subconscious image implants now. MCB #79. (Sunday)

Apr  7:  /  It’s Easter, Spring, a season of renewal & fertility. Ease up on that fertility stuff. It’s a dream for some – a nightmare to others. Paraphrasing Merlin. This has been a Morning Caffeine Blast, #78. (Saturday)

Apr  6:  /  I’m a Veteran  & divorced. Of all the sacrifices our service people make & endure, this one, divorce, gets under-reported. It’s tough and the military likes to be first. Thanks to all our troops, & retirees too. MCB, #77.  (Friday – Good Friday)

Apr  5:  /   I’m fairly certain obesity has become a bigger problem than other imagined signs of morale decay. Rock ‘n’ Roll= good; Gluttony = sad. MCB, #76. (Thursday)

Apr  4:  /  Short note to the happy, tweeting bird outside my window: Five more minutes! STFU! Now who’s angry, bird? This has been a Morning Caffeine Blast, #75.  (Wednesday)

Apr  3:  /  Seems like a friend got caught between the front door & the storm door, is getting squashed and is waving thru the mail slot. The next door hasn’t opened yet, so that famous quote lied. Good thing his likes The Doors. MCB, #74. (Tuesday)

Apr  2:  /  Okay, so Global Warming isn’t grabbing your imagination. Let’s try Gravitational Instability. Flying, tying stuff down so it doesn’t float away, and really great catches in baseball & football. This has been a morning Caffeine Blast, #73. (Monday)

Apr  1:  /  I’ve over-posted to other threads this morning. Adding my own doesn’t really help. I could offer remorse, but that’s just April Fool’s shenanigans. Celebrate the Foolish today as we’re awful close to 100%. MCB #72. (Sunday)