This is mostly as issued, Warts and all. Enjoy! Eric Peter DeWolff  “Awoo!”

Bonus:  //  I’m watching “I Survived” for the first time. Hmm. Home Invasion or Edgy Intervention? Runaway Rail Cars or Thrill Ride of a Lifetime? Realtor Assault or . . Ok, just Realtor Assault.

 June 30:  //  By the time that you read about the US Naval Observatory adding the Leap Second, you’ve wasted time more than you gained. The Matrix brought to you by Facebook, the number 6, and Sloth. MCB #161, (Saturday).

 June 29:  //  People used to reminisce about the old days. Well, the housing values are back to about what they were 20 years ago. Retro kind of sucks, in this case. Reflect instead on the 24th Birthday of a really cool young man, Mister Bradley Kerber.  Another Morning Caffeine Blast #160 (Friday).

 June 28:  //  So my online course is about Turning Points in people’s lives, having resilience & persevering. Oddly, the homework isn’t that stressful, but neglecting it is. Sneaky, online course, very sneaky. MCB #159, (Thursday).

 June 27: //  Somebody knowledgeable save me some research time, please. I am so PRO caffeine, I should probably hear or read the CON arguments. You know, like in a balanced discussion? Like everybody sees everywhere? Wait–oh yeah, retract + mulligan. Another Morning Caffeine Blast # 158, (Wednesday).

 June 26:  //  I wonder if Lab Rats are better off being clueless?  They’d probably think God is a feeder bar, that their mazes have meaning, and that electrical shocks come from aliens.   MCB #157 (Tuesday).

 June 25:  //  I wonder if Ghosts are really time travelers who lack of focus or a decent cover story. “Damn, they can see me! I mean–um–Boo!” MCB #156, (Monday).

 June 24:  //  Predictions: Trial by reefer will improve the criminal justice system. Jury duty will become very cool. Court back-logs will continue, but with barbecue. In a slight variation from today’s cases, lawyer-pimps will try to swing WITH the jury. Their standing in society will improve. MCB # 155 (Sunday).

June 23:  //  Using Sandusky’s rationale of focusing on all the good he’s done, I bet he’s fairly proud of the 3 acquittals out of 48. Next up: How many inmates DON’T violate him, with extreme prejudice. This has been a venting scorn Morning Caffeine Blast, #154. (Saturday)

June 22:  //  LA Kings defeat Devils. LeBron as champion King James. Mayan Calendar Apocalypse forecasts. How many “signs from God” do we need to realize the conflux of the Vikings to Super Bowl & Hell Freezing Over is closer than we guessed? Ridiculous Morning Caffeine Blast #153, (Friday).

June 21:  //  This is one bodacious bad ass Morning Caffeine Blast #152, (Thursday). The Animal Kingdom of Monkey Men and DeWolff Pack wishes you a great day. (Rolling Stones Video of “Monkey Man”.)

June 20:  //  My inner child is working a book deal without me. What a rat! Insolent pup! Who does he think we is? MCB #151, (Wednesday).

June 19:  //  We’re not too far from the Great American Pack Howl on the Fourth of July. Numerous packs converge to sing, “Awoooo” and “Ahhhh!” Then we eat the young! Oops, just those of legal age. Yeah, that made it better. MCB #150, (Tuesday).

June 18:  //  It seems hard to believe someone’s complaints if they signed up for the Advanced S & M Course and paid with heavily circulated, torn & bloody 10 dollar bills. MCB #149 (Monday).

June 17:  //  I just read about a new super computer that will be capable of 15 quadrillion calculations per second. Nice. I fully expect when they give it the “Go” order/command, it will reply, “Say please,” followed shortly by, “You have to ask me nicely.” MCB # 148 (Sunday).

June 16:  //  Morning Caffeine Blast #147.  Revealed: The reason they muffled the voice of Charlie Brown’s teacher? She’s been talking a lot Blue Material. Good F@#$&’ Grief! MCB #147 (Saturday)

June 15:  //  I think the Rolling Stones should sign Randy Moss just to debunk that one old proverb, although he may not be down with literally being “gathered”.  MCB #146, (Friday).  More to follow soon.

     //  The Last Supper: Worst–Intervention–Ever. Turns out Doubting Thomas had some freaky “Wound Banging” reckless healer issues which he never quite resolved. Sin=gone, Hangovers still here=WTF? #146a Supplement.

June 14:  //  Celestial nudity: If showing your ass is mooning, shouldn’t there be a celestial slang for flashing breasts? Stars? Pulsars? Quarking? Red Giants? White Dwarfs? Solar Puppies? Not Black Hole. A cleavage driven Morning Caffeine Blast, #145 (Thursday). * the suggestion of “the Milky Way” won. 

June 13:  //  Twins game: Kid in the front row snags a catchable foul away from a Phillies player. Kid is wearing Philly jersey, “P” hat, looks remorsefully at one of his heroes. A pudgy old Twins fan in the row behind him pats his back, “Nice Job”.  The inning continues, rally rally, more runs score, and the kid has a game-ball souvenir of shame. This has been a Morning Caffeine Blast, # 144 (Wednesday).

    With addition:  That young man would grow up to be . . Rick Logan. sorry, RL, but you’re my only Phildelphia connection.

June 12:  //  Tomorrow’s Morning Caffeine Blast will be done tonight because it’s already today. I’m not ready for MUCH time travel, but this one second at a time thing is BORING! MCB #143, (Tuesday).

June 11:  //  Peanut Butter Jelly Time! Even the Munchies are a Higher Power. Today’s Mood swing is pulling G-Forces. I bet I need a puppy, maybe a set of puppies. MCB #142, (Monday).

June 10:  //  OOPS! It looks like my inner child is on a rampage. The weapons? Duckies & Bunnies, but they keep getting all the caffeine. They’re like upbeat zombies, relentless, with possibly the best defense–cuteness! SO damned up in here. This has been a Morning CaffeinE Blast #141, (Sunday).

June 09:  //  I bet for people with narcolepsy their sleep number is 3-2-1 Bzzzz!  A Morning Caffeine Blast, #140 (Saturday).

June 08:  //  When your friend walks up to you smiling, slaps a hand across your back and offers a kind word, try not to pee on his shoes–again. MCB #139 (Friday)

June 07:  //  Roommate Food Wars: To keep people out of his precious tub of leftovers, someone got some food coloring and tossed a Feminine Hygiene Item on top. In response, I marked the container “Zesty”. This has been a Zesty Morning Caffeine Blast #138, (Thursday).

June 06:  //  Apparently enough consecutive days of Caffeine Blasting and  Sleep Pattern Disruption = Late posting. If only my Naughty Marcia Brady Hallucination had longer nails. Late MCB # 137 (Wednesday).

June 05:  //  Thanks to 3 Squares, Daryl Horner and all the great Mpls comics that attended for a fun night of comedy. Some of them did two, maybe three shows with the grand finale at 3 Squares. I wish it was every Monday. Maybe soon. Sam Gorton, Ted Evans, Kathleen Q O’Brien, Bob DeMaris, Jeff Krohn & David Harris were a few of the notables on hand. (And many more!) This has been a Morning Caffeine Blast #136 (Tuesday).

June 04:  //  A possibility: The time travelers are checking out the future because we’re still sort of boring. Also, they haven’t seen fit to intervene yet because it has to get worse before they jump in. #ProbablyNoSuchThing   This has been a Morning Caffeine Blast # 135 (Monday).

June 03:  //  Missed! Hey, I went to church. (Sunday)

June 02:  //  The news has gotten fairly vanilla. Social change around the globe?  That’s so 60’s! Killer storms & natural disasters? Yawn.  Up next: “Bigfoot Zombies March on Seattle”.  MCB # 134 (Saturday).

June 01:  //  June is busting out all over. Ok, I changed the name to protect the NOT so innocent, but you know who you are, “June”. No complaints, Hell, thumbs up. This has been a Morning Caffeine Blast # 133, (Friday).