Look at these other solo projects by the Vowels.  “A” usually an Aussie or a Brit trying to summon your attention. In some cases, a starter for a Londoner. “Ay, mate, let’s go down the pub.”  Next up, “E”. To convey having taken a sudden fright. “E-U” popular with young girls to convey “Icky” or “That’s gross!” Then there’s “I”. Often used as a stammer, especially when caught red-handed. Sure, it was time for a candy bar so you could think of an excuse, but you plunged ahead unprepared with just “I . . I . . I”. Here’s a good one–“O”. “O” has lots of range. Surprise, joy, disappointment, cursing, orgasm, alarm, cursing orgasm, and is also fairly popular up north and at hockey games when followed by Canada. “O” is the freaking Rock Star of the Vowels. Ooo! “U” gets some love too. People go to the U. “U” turns up in U-turns. U-joints are tough to smoke, but they help your car run. U-boats–that’s a  bit archaic these days. “U suck!” is actually an abbreviation of “You suck hard!” U is often You.  I like U. I love U! I hate U. Fuck U! Lastly, “and sometimes Y”. Why sometimes, Y? I always ask Y. Sometimes? That’s very inconsistent. If there’s one consonant in my life that I can’t depend on, its U, Y. Why, oh why, Y? (YOYY?!).

As always, I blame China and their Smaug. I know the word is “smog” but I recently saw “The Hobbit”.

Bonus: A special note from the Editor-in-Chief:

The Morning Caffeine Blast turns 1 tomorrow. I thought of getting myself a straight-jacket with those nifty ties ’round back to mark the occasion. Also, I now follow and have found Twitter! I’ve taken one step away from the ill-fated, dinosaur tar-pit bath of oldster fails. Technology is my friend, I hope. Follow me, I’ll follow you. We’ll Co-Stalk each other. Healthy thoughts. Rock on!