8 am Central Time and I’ve already been to the gym, so good for me there. You see, I’ve spent a lot more time in the gym since December, hoping I’d look better on stage doing comedy. And I’d push myself hard enough that I was exhausted & starved. I’d shattered my will to go out at night. But hey, I lost 10 pounds.

I even over-trained to the point where I made my goal of running 30 miles in 30 days, but tweaked my ankle doing it. Today’s effort was a limited offering of walking the treadmill & cardio on the elliptical. I lamely drove to the local junk food dealer & reloaded my fats, carbos & caffeine.  Because this is how things change and I get a better life. Hey, I’m still  down 7 pounds.

My friends are sleeping in. Most went out last night. A few may even go to work this morning. Some are packing and getting prepared to say farewell, starting their new lives in exotic locations. They are taking my best wishes.  I will miss them, and eat my feelings. I will balloon back to my original weight, pre-fitness & torture regime.

So am I screaming Mid-Life Crisis here? Nope. Too late! Fairly certain I missed it.

Where am I going with this? Into the elements. Sniffing at the sub-zero temps as they come blasting back. In truth, I’m down 13 pounds with peaks & valleys along the way. I feel like half the time I’m battling myself and my goals. And half the time, I’ve discovered something new.

It doesn’t make it any easier to say good-bye to my friends. They are Hobbits leaving The Shire. Actually, I think they hate Middle-Earth, or being thought of as a bunch of Bilbos. Those are “b’s”, not “d’s”. I expect many sequels to our adventures. These are just the first chapters. That’s my hope.