Feb 01:  //  Last dream of this morning: I wandered into a private party with S & M torture, scantily clad, leather bound types in mid-inquisition. All their faces were in shadow–was it the Hellraiser wrap party or an orgy? They were too enthralled in their business to notice me. So if all those macabre images were in my head, I must need to go back to Ground Zero soon, the Mpls music & dance club. (Well, it was a dream!) MCB#378 (Friday).

Feb 02:  // Let’s just give tazers to the mentally ill. They can handle Justice as they see fit; or unfit. That’s assuming common sense has lost anyway. We’re so far outside the box, it looks like the head of a pin. Dance, Angels, Dance! MCB#379 (Saturday).

Feb 03:  //  Car, computer & phone all worked on this week. Smiles on the horizon. Soon, very soon. I need a Super Sunday! MCB #380, (Sunday).

Feb 04:  //  It’s been a Hard Day’s Night . . for the Niners! Really cheap Morning Caffeine Blast–Hey, my computer’s in the shop!! #381 (Monday).

Feb 05:  //  Willy Wonka is fine. Willy Wanka? Avoid. MCB #382 (Tuesday).

Feb 06:  //  Faith, Hope & Charity are virtues …unless it’s the McCracken sisters, then all bets are off. Probably their panties too. MCB#383 (Wednesday).

Feb 07:  //  Procrastinator’s To-Do list: I need to do tons of stuff, but can’t bring myself to write a list AND avoid doing it. I’ll multi-task later.   MCB# 383 (Thursday).

//  Somehow this is going on my resume as my first sponsored Morning Caffeine Blast. Thank you, Caveman & little Green Limey Accent gecko from GEICO.

Feb 08:  //  My inner child has a GPS, a charge card, a tan & shares of stock. This does not bode well. Didn’t even ask me to invest on the ground floor.  This has been today’s Morning Caffeine Blast MCB #385 (Friday).

Feb 09:  //  Corn farmers = stalkers. Corn stalkers. Corny Pop culture. Pop Corn. What’s in Pop? Corn syrup. This has been a Morning Caffeine Blast #386 (Saturday). (aside: Y’know who drinks Pop made with Corn Syrup? Corn Farmers! The circle of life: Simple, stupid, relevant.)

Feb 10:  //  Hey there, up-with-the-baby types! Some people say the baby is half full. Some say it’s half empty. That can change really fast. Think “Change, really fast”. Morning Caffeine Blast #387 (Sunday).

Feb 11:  //  So either the Pope is going into his crypt for the next 98-99 years to return all fresh in 2112, or he’s got priorities with Damien, the Beast & 666 reasons to spend more time with his “family”. Yikes! Morning Caffeine Blast, MCB#388, (Monday).

Feb 12:  //  Hey, College of Cardinals, go Mortal Combat & Highlander. “There can be only one! Flawless Victory!” Get a Pope who kicks ass! WHOOMP! Amen! MCB#389, (Tuesday).

Feb 13:  //  I find on mornings when all I’ve got is coffee, the postings and musings of Herb Hard Brown & Cherie Brennan inspire me to face the day. Then after I’ve committed to get things done, I read Joey Vincent & Daryl Horner and rethink everything. They all have valued offerings. A big Shout Out Morning Caffeine Blast, MCB # 390, (Wednesday).

Feb 14:  //  Update: It’s Valentine’s Day! It better be an UP date. Get a great attitude and keep it up. The only down is to Get Down. Be freakin’ happy! This has been The Morning Caffeine Blast Show, MCB #391, (Thursday).

Feb 15:  //  ‎”Wichita Lineman” In Minnesota, a lineman for the county? He’d have quit or frozen to death by now. Morning Caffeine Blast, MCB #392 (Friday).

Feb 16:  //  Self-reflection: Sometimes my efforts spawn bits so “HACK” it’d make Lizzie Borden blush. The warning label? “You WEREN’T asking for this!”  Morning Caffeine Blast #393 (Saturday).

Feb 17:  //  Diction rang out as a sane man entered a gun-range & began reading to innocent shooters. 10 high powered books were found as well as several magazines. Few were injured. MCB #394, (Sunday)

Feb 18:  //  Odd plan? For every weapon you own or buy, you get a crazy person too. The Buddy System asks you to protect your rights AND watch this guy. Another Morning Caffein Blast, MCB #395.

Feb 19:  //  Why meeting a dragon would be bad. We see a magnificent mythological beast. They see Bacon. Bacon wrapped in bacon. Wearing more bacon and leathery beef strips, dipped in a sugar coating. Our abilities to move and talk only amuse “Big Kitty” and guess what? We’d be the mice. Morning Caffeine Blast, MCB# 396, (Tuesday).

Feb 20:  //  After a week on the Smart Blend cat chow, my girls seem to be just as happy with the Doofis Blend. Hey, it’s good enough for me.  Check back every day for The Morning Caffeine Blast-Off Show. A mental dump that’s just crazy! MCB# 397 (Wednesday).

Feb 21:  //  Hey, at least my inner child is warm. He may be bat-shit crazy, but he’s warm. This has been a Morning Caffeine Blast, MCB #398, (Th).

Feb 22:  //  I go now to battle the modern-day Dragons of snowfall & snow ploughs. Because Shovelry isn’t dead . . but it may kill me. MCB #399, (F).

Feb 23:  //  My thought is this: If the Critical Thinkers aren’t making any headway with the big issues, maybe the Absurd Thinkers need to get in the game. Not only think outside the box, examine the box, improve the box, why are we in a box? Are we leftovers? Are we being marked “to go”? Go where? Is someone taking a bite out of my ass? What type of relationship is this? How many questions are too many? Go see The Turkeys @ Portland Emporium tonight!! Another Morning Caffeine Blast (Big Dump), MCB #400!! (Sa).

Feb 24:  //  I bet most strippers are painfully shy . . . if you pay them enough. Short Morning Caffeine Blast, MCB #401 (Su).

Feb 25:  //  Cats with Winter Dreadlocks are getting the Spring make-over. I wish this was a euphemism for crazy fashions –maybe it is. Puffy cats as heating pads that purr. This has been an Early Morning Caffeline Blast, MCB #402, (M).

Feb 26:  //  I bet if Jesus had an evil twin, it would have changed the story. Holy Trinity become a Quad of Meh, Dysfunctional Family & Sibling issues. MCB #403 (Tu).

Feb 27:  //  No leaping this year for February. Let us March forth, in 2 days. MCB #404, (W).

Feb 28:  //  I write constantly and the item that got the most “likes” all month was Cookie Monster. Yup-yup-yup. I feel ya, DeWolff Pack. Fairly Green Party, NORML.Org friendly. Why am I surprised, as this is not news. MCB #405, (Th). Oh, and Good F’n-Bye February!