Mar  01:  //  Some people see the bottle as 1/2 full, others as 1/2 empty. Then there’s those who’ll use it as a bludgeon, cut you, you know, friends. Call this MCB #406, (F).

Mar  02  :  Caffeine Molecules doing a Swiffer Sweep in Casa DeWolff today. Epic crash can’t happen if I just keep pouring more in, right? Janky Java Jive Jammin’ in Jamaica. Jittery. MCB  407 (Sa).

Mar  03:  //  RE: Facebook’s login photo>>I’m beginning to tire of the little blonde kid and his stringer of two fish. Fairly certain he’ll grow up to be a terrible person because THIS was his moment of glory. MCB #408, (Su).

Mar 04:  //  We are being Mooned by Winter and it’s shiny white Hiney needs a good smack >CRACK< right on the ass. Glad this season is nearing . . . . the end? MCB #409, (M). (She’s real fine my 4-0-9! from Beach boys classic “409”)

Mar 05:  //  SeaWorld has a Manatee named Te’o. In another tank is Lennay. Sometimes they talk by phone. They’ve never seen each other. True Love. Fail.  Excerpt from The Morning Caffeine Blast-Off, MCB# 410 (Tu).

Mar 06:  //  President plans to stabilize Florida’s sinkholes by just pouring money into them. Victim found in ravine in China. Mole people claim credit. Caffeine Blast-Off #411, (W) March 6th, 2013.

Mar 07:  //  If you’re running a little behind, does that make you a PIMP? Morning Caffeine Blast-Off, MCB #412, (Th), March 7th, 2013.

Mar 08:  //  Screenplay for Mila Kunis & Lindsay Lohan sunning themselves on a rock. That’s pretty much it. Want conflict? Add Lena Dunham. JK-Love Y’all Morning Caffeine Blast-Off, #413 (F). March 8th, 2013.

Mar 09:  //  The Damned Caffeine betrayed me! Deadline in 9 minutes. Wait, I never had anything to say! Spring Street, MPLS! Comedy, Valley Meadows. Fun.  Morning Caffeine Blast-Off, MCB# 414, (Sa) March 9th, 2013.

Mar 10:  //  Report: Pancake-Egg experiment #1, a failure to look at, delicious to eat. One came out looking like a burrito. All after losing an hour. Morning Caffeine Blast-Off, MCB # 415 (Su). Mattie Calander likes this. March 10th, 2013.

Mar 11:  //  Peanut Butter & Jelly Waffle Sandwich for breakfast. Way easier to carry than the syrup version. Both lazy and effective. Yum. NuRevelations. Morning Caffeine Blast-Off, MCB #416 (M). March 11th, 2013.

Mar 12:  //  Gave the doctor’s lab everything they asked for just so I could refill prescription allergy meds. I’m surprised they didn’t have a bundle package or rewards card of some kind. MCB #417, (Tu). March 12th, 2013.

Mar 13:  //  Sinkholes: The entire planet opens up to say, “That’s enough out of You!” Too bad it’s fairly random, not for specific cause. Or is it? CIA? It’s a MCB #418, (W).  March 13th, 2013.

Mar 14:  //  Nearly didn’t recognize it but I LOVE how Woody Allen has gone “ALL-IN” for his new role as Pope Francis. First Jew in the Papacy? Rock on!  (Bonus Supplement #419a)

Is it Backlash when you’re pushing the envelope, and the public marks it “Return to Sender”? Not about the Onion article on “Girls”. Lovin’U This is the Morning Caffeine Blast-Off, MCB #419, (Th).  March 14th, 2013.

Mar 15:  //  From 3-13-13 article by Kirker Butler, End of the first paragraph: “No one cares that you’re offended.” He goes on to cite there are truly offensive things in this world, but not the typical trivial crap often blown out of proportion. MCB # 420, (F). March 15th, 2013.