So I’m building the premise based on 420 Morning Caffeine Blast shows (Larry King-esque Brain Droppings?) and am finding my cultural voice (has no clue at all) so that in the near future the transition to the full blown (not fully blown) Caffeine Blast-Off will be the next evolutionary step. (Again, seriously, he has no clue at all).  I’ve pretty much nailed the concept of logical paradoxes which simultaneously prove AND disprove themselves, making the point of finding a single correct answers Moot. (Clueless what Moot means also.) So I’m writing stuff that is both goofy & absurd, and also bits of common sense. The trick may be the sort out which is which.

Sum up you dumb bastard!  The say laughter is the best medicine, and the best medicine makes you laugh. I can understand being predictable, but I can’t predict being understandable. Looks like it’s time to plunge into some worldly word goo. Enjoy!

Mar 16:  //  The early bird gets the worm. He sucks worms AND gets up early to do it. Good? It’s to die for! (If you’re the worm.) By Wormsucka Johnson. MCB # 421, (Sa) Saturday, March 16th.

Mar 17:  //  Pope doing his job, as expected. Kind of hoped he’d get wasted, mail it in, mangy bathrobe with food stains, bimbo Ho on each arm–Surprise! MCB #422, (Su) Sunday, March 17th.

Mar 18:  //  This is an egg, and this is a broken egg. Any questions? Mis-remembering the point of anti-drug ads in the 80’s. But keep drinking COFFEE & SMOKING kids, It’s LEGAL! Premiering the Morning Caffeine Blast-Off (lie) as MCB # 423, (M). Monday, March 18th.

Mar 19:  //  Goal: Write & pitch “Naughty Marcia Brady”. It may never clear auditions–just film those shenanigans. Morning Caffeine Blast-Off#424, (Tu). Tuesday, March 19th.

Mar 20:  //  Introducing the Caffeine Blast-Off! Launching today as more BS at a later time of day. Or Not. Grand Opening in 12 days for April Fool’s Day! MCB/CBO #425, (W). Yeah, I had nothing. Fun! Wednesday, March 20th.

Mar 21:  //  Re-watched favs “The Shinning” & “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. Love that Nicholson. Chief Bromden’s twist on the stage dive = fun. CBO # 426, (Th).  Thursday, March 21st.

Mar 22:  //  The Chief likes my idea for a Stake-Out Broadcast. Live coverage on the scene whenever we ALMOST catch ’em red-handed. It’s like they knew! Caffeine Blast-Off # 427, (F). Friday, March 22nd.

Mar 23:  //  A person in public wearing Yoga Pants. Approach with a friendly smile, “Aren’t those the brand they’re recalling? You look great!” Leave 🙂  Caffeine Blast-Off # 428, (Sa). Saturday, March 23rd.

Mar 24:  //  Several things have come to mind this morning. They took a look around and left. Guess it’s a fixer-upper. What a bargain! Real wood floors!  Morning Caffeine Blast-Off #429, (Su). Sunday, March 24th.

Mar 25:  //  If any of you know the long term effects of Caffeine Abuse? Do I want to know? Luckily I’m schizo and can outsource the research internally. (In-House?)   Caffeine Blast-Off # 430, (M). Monday, March 25th.

Mar 26:  //  Snow, dirt & the media. They all cover us eventually. The Groundhog should be interrogated. 6 weeks? Duh! Details, lad. Speak your mind. Oh. Caffeine Blast-Off #431, (Tu). Tuesday, March 26th.

Mar 27:  // I don’t excel at checking my facts, but I’m pretty sure today the U.S. Supreme Court is debating your Right to change your profile picture. Caffeine Blast-Off #432, (W).

Mar 28:  //  First decent week of weather in Mpls, and watch-a-thon begs me stay inside. This is the real Walking Dead–TV, computers & porn. OK, 2 of 3. Caffeine Blast-Off #433, (Th) Thursday, March 28th.

Mar 29:  //  I’m fairly certain the Media could start using the phrase “Burrito Supreme Court” and many people wouldn’t catch it. Product placement in the news, let’s do this. CBO #434, (F).

Mar 30:  //  Remember, if you are a dog person and you’re in search of yourself, you’re just chasing your tail.   Caffeine Blast-Off # 435, (Sa).