Apr 30:  //  A sloth and a cup of coffee. It’s his 3rd. Now he thinks he wants to do something. It’s just the caffeine tweaking. It’s crazy talk! Refill? CBO # 466, (Tu).

Apr 29:  //  I’m not a-token anything. But give me time, legal and demographic changes– and I WILL be. 4-29* CBO # 465, (M).

Apr 28:  //  Supercalifragelistic-EXpialidocious! This is code for Sex. It’s a long word, not easy to get right the first time and she sang it with Dick. CBO #464, (Su).

Apr 27:  //  I can’t even meet Kraft Singles! CBO #463, (Sa).

Apr 26:  //  If Charlie Brown hadn’t had Snoopy, messed up stuff would’ve went down. Everybody, find your Snoopy. He’s a war Vet too. & Lucy was a tease. CBO #462, (F).

Apr 25:  //  qqqq  (Ah, I recognize my trademark 4 q’s, as a place holder to transfer an item from Facebook Timeline into my Notes. Usually it’s a Tweet. Nothing here. What a lazy Fawk! About the 4 q’s? You’re actually demanding an answer? 4 Q!  Ha-ha, see, like swearing? ‘Cuz swearing is funny? No? You disagree? Fuck you!)

Apr 24:  //  My Klodd score may move from Bastard to Sonova-Bitch. Maybe I’ll go to Karma Averaging. Avoid Levels: Jack-Ass or F-You >Your Name Here<. cbo=””>  CBO #460 (W).</.>

Apr 23:  //  Somehow I’m getting different snow melt event than <a>Danielle Bell</a>. There’s a lot of violent splattering & major clumps of snow leaping to an unnerving SPLORT of completion. “Hold on!” “I can’t. I—auuuuugh!” Slap! Caffeine Blast-Off of CBO #459, (Tu).

Apr 22:  //  I wish my peroidic ramdon dyslexia would go awya. It Skcus! CBO #458, (M).

Apr 21:  //  Lemmings have lots of followers. And they follow blindly. >whistle sound< + >splash< = FAIL. Walk your own path & stop pisssin’ on mine.  CBO #457, (Su).

Apri 20:  //  Happy Freakin’ 420, 4-20 and April 20th! I’m just freshly awake (no bake) ((Yet)) but I thought I’d say hi. Best wishes to Herb & Nicki!! 🙂 CBO #456, (Sa).

Apr 19:  //  Why did the Chechen cross the road? To get to the other side. (I don’t like his odds going much further.) Oldest joke ever made current. CBO #455, (F).

Apr 18:  //  If at first you don’t succeed, blame the Meek. They’re gonna inherit the Earth anyway, right? Meek little bastards. Hot Golly! CBO #454, (Th).

Apr 17:  //  The early bird is wearing a jacket & wool cap. Worm is sharing coffee with him. We have misjudged them badly. Can’t we all just get along?  Today’s Caffeine Blast-Off is CBO #453, (W).

Apr 16:  //  Last year I published an instruction manual about acorns, printed in squirrel-ese. It looks like it was fairly popular.  CBO #452, (Tu).