It’s a NFL Football Bye week for Minnesota fans. You don’t even have to be a hard core fan to realize your normal background noise has the week off. SO?

Why am I sitting at my computer? Why am I pretending the Lions Packers game is really actually important? Was did I drink so much coffee? There must’ve been a reason I had several seemingly random things in my hands. A dust pan, brush and CPAP Mask . . because those freaking dust bunnies snore like sons of bitches and that ends today, right?

For the Viking faithful (luv ya!), please realize that this is the time you’d normally be face deep in a trough of junk food, chips, pizza, chili, with some unspoken child-like hope your team is about about to CHANGE YOUR LIFE with a touchdown or a stop or a shot of the cheerleaders. This is the time you have back, courtesy of NFL bye week schedules. 45 minutes of the time is gone now. Do something! Do two somethings, or at least something else.

I could try to persuade you with emotional imagery, or reason with you using well-thought out arguments. (Not bloody likely.) I could try to move you, unlike our shutdown government & it’s politicians, with extreme points of view. I might cloud up a rational thought process with news of the day to include fear mongering & guilt trips. Subjects like Syria, radioactive venting from Fukushima Japan, are those flushable wipettes really flushable, legalization of many things, or shouldn’t America just sell fatty fast food to the rest of the world? Or would we have to comp China for 100 years to pay off alleged (real) debts?

Do something with your day off. Praise God? If that’s your deal, sure, why not? Work on hobby or honey-do projects, get some,  read a book, get some, talk to your cats. (Note: if you think your cats are your personal Guardian Angels, maybe go back to the football games). Reading the rest of this won’t serve you all that well either. I assume that you can come up with something better on your own. Or get some.

Yes, I made the coffee particularly STRONG today. Why do you ask?