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This chili tends to be sweeter with more vegetables, meatier or spicier if you like less vegetables. I recommend doing your veggies work first and adding a few dashes of spice. These can go into the crock as you do them or all at once.

The Veggies—- all chopped, but not TOO fine. Leave ’em moderately big. They’ll fit on your spoon.

1 can Diced Tomatoes   (2nd can for Large Crock)

1 Green Pepper

+ either 1 Red or Yellow Pepper

1/2 Onion, medium large  or 1 entire onion if it’s smaller

4 or 5 Celery Stalks/Sticks, about 6-8 inches in length

The Meat—- Browned in a skillet. Draining of grease is optional, but mostly worth keeping

Small Crock: 1/2 lbs of Pork Sausage

Large Crock: Full 1 lbs Pork Sausage package


1 can Wolf Brand chili with No Beans (Yes, Wolf Brand, also 2 cans for Large Crock, and No Beans. Fuck Beans!)

Chili Powder, 3 or 4 pinches for Newbies, more as you learn

Salt & Pepper, a few dashes


Mushrooms: Some people like ’em

Diced Tomatoes: I like Red Gold Petite w/green chilies. Del Monte is good too. Hunts/others? fine.

Pork Sausage:  Jimmy Dean is fine; Bob Evans = Best, Other substitutions? Risky, your call.

Corn: Get the f@ck out of here with corn.

Time—-Cook on High for 1 hour minimum, but 2 to 3 seems best to let the ingredients blend. Much longer would wilt the veggies.  I tend to like them in bigger chunks so they hold up to longer cook times.

There should be enough juice in the veggies that you won’t need to add water. If you cook longer than 2-3 hours, evaporation & drying could create a crusty char line as your chili recedes down into the pot. Your place should smell great too.

Faithfully submitted by Eric Peter DeWolff