A snap shot of how mourning Iconic Cultural Losses might make you turn to escapism. Comedy? But laughing’s hard! January-July 2016 : Hey Bowie! Glenn Frey! Prince! Muhamed Ali!


Here comes 45 years of dedicated study on this subject.

A friend posted a photo of two slices of bread. One had a meager serving of Peanut Butter begrudgingly dabbed upon it’s barren wasteland o’bread. The other was a Kingdom of Peanut Butter Aplenty.

The (silly) question was, “Which is better?” I answered with this impassioned “Teaching Moment”.

Both were savable. The one on the left was a tad sparse, but if you’re going to just fold it over as a 1-slice, half-sandwich, you’re done. Wow, You’re ready to eat your “Hint-of-PB” slice of bread. Bravo, Spartan-Lord Conserver Supreme! You’ve half-assed what you really wanted. You could’ve waved your dry bread over the open peanut butter jar and had the same experience.

The Mega PB slice of bread on the right needed a second slice of bread with one of the following to balance out the heavy PB density: Jelly, honey, and…

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