I just realized my empathy gene sucks terribly. My world-view is often under-informed. My comedy . . .*edited & mulligan taken. My smart-ass gene wants to randomly call you a ‘Prick’ just for shock value, but my upbringing would have me immediately apologize profusely. My outreach skills are like the alligator arms getting the dinner check in that current commercial. My Acts of Friendship are often symbolic, so take that with a grain of salt. B.Y.O.S . . . Bring Your Own Salt. My compassion is lacking, or doesn’t have the Knack. Ma-ma-ma-ma-My Sharona. (Sorry, but still a killer hook & riff!) Odd morning, so status quo! *What would ‘Quo’ ever have done without ‘Status’? Mental Health? I might have 7 different brands of it. I’d brag about it, but was out-voted 6-1. Seems fair. This was written for a friend, or two, so clearly this is both ‘Serious’ and ‘not-so-serious’. Call this a cultural process shedding.