Lennay Kekua, the Patron Saint of Invisible Friends. Hers was a complex life, tragically cut short, or not. She had her good side, I think, but also a very, almost-real dark side to her humanity as well.

She was practically a certified in CPR, an amazingly quick first responder and saved numerous pretend lives. She made time to visit and speak to the elderly throughout the country.  Some called her fearless in the face of controversial subjects, having no immediate consequences of any kind.

     She supported fake euthanasia as a right to pass into Nothingness, though admittedly from Nothingness.  But she also offered full-term abortions to other fake women in trouble, which is technically not illegal. She ran a fake puppy mill, smoked imaginary drugs–but did not inhale, and petitioned for stricter “Pretend” Gun Controls, which seems redundant.  Despite rumors, she was not part of 9-11, having not yet been “not-born” at that time.

It’s hard to get a grasp why these things happen, especially to people who don’t exist.  She had so much unrealized potential. She was almost TOTALLY unrealized potential.

I guess good & bad things happen to faux people. All I can say is, I feel honored to have known her. Or known her as well as anyone else who never met her. She will be mist.