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My inner sense of my “work” and calling it Art has always been slightly jaded, skeptical.  The only way I can wrap my head around it it to suggest (or trick myself?) I am living sort of a humorous life-style. I try to see humor everywhere, anywhere, because there is so much at which to shake our collective heads. *collective heads?~ We need to laugh as much as anything these days. I also know that I am neither a scientist, engineer, agricultural innovator–those positions that might actually help the world at large in major ways. I’m wired to make snarky & stupid observations which sometimes get a laugh.

The mystery of the four letter word “Work*” (*Horrors!) So I have been living the Empty Nest life & preparing my house for sale. It’s not killer work, but if I’d seen a list beforehand of what I’ve already gotten done, I might have punted & quit long ago. Some of this work is even pleasant. Tranforming rooms, gardens, de-cluttering rooms has a certain amount of Wow! factor to it. Donating old clothes, books, DVDs & CDs takes time. Sorting thru old photos is one easy way to get side-tracked. The whole process involves getting side-tracked constantly. It’s not melancholy even a third of the time, but it is kind of a bitch. It’s like a controlled demolition. Emotional Demolition ? Meh, perhaps.

I can’t say for sure it’ll often be barbecues & drunken debauchery afterwards. I already try to mix that in from time to time NOW. But it WILL be different. I anticipate moving forward into a new stage, as I strike the set of the previous one. The work will be done, so I will look towards non-conformist lemming paths. I will be different too. I could file this under a heading “Mid-life psuedo-crisis as fodder for future stories/performing arts.”  None of this makes sense. ALL of it makes sense.

Check in a month or so and see if I’m just rambling on & on about cats. That Mittens! She’s a Doozie!

WOLFF-E!     /;^{|}


“Charming fellow seeks Bourban Glazed Lady for Uplifting Choices in Sensible Practical Support” or “Handy-Man seeks Time Share Maintenance Position” or “Vineyard Hobbyist seeks same for Gardening Project this Spring” or “Bee-Keeping Skills Work-Shop Sought by Novice willing to Learn”.  This is either eclectic or just lacks Focus. I grow Black Raspberries too, harvest near Late June / July anticipated. Oh, I write humor also, in case this all wants explaining.

I’m actively seeking, or willing to create an alternative reality via Comedic Escapism (Coffee), Music (Adrenaline) and the distinct possibility of H.E.A. (Happily Ever After-ism)

I woud like to explore most of these things within the ever-elongating span of my lifetime. #TriCentennialism #2076

I just wonder if Planetary Seismic Activity is ever going to surpass Human Social Issues (Politics, War, Starvation) as the leading cause of Global Scale Dirt Naps?

~ So, Yeah, Coffee! ~



Society used to be fairly static & rigid. Your choice of controversy could not be any more basic! “I Love Boys!” “I Love Girls!” Now it’s more like “I Love a Buffet!”

If you take a coffee flavored yogurt, add Starbucks frappuccino, add off-brand instant coffee, add Hershey’s chocolate syrup to taste. ~Stir with a spoon, or share with a friend . . Or share . . . ON a friend. . ~

That’s Damn-Near a “Cafeine Feak-Show” / “Chocolate Milk Shake from a Booby!” It’s Super Hero, Bad-Ass, a Diet Breaker!  You know, regrets in the morning, but glorious abandon tonight?

*Triple Zip-zap-zoom!  **Ka-Boom!  ***Ka-Blam!  Here’s you’re winner.

Hot! Diggity!! DOG!!! DAMNED!!!!