If you take a coffee flavored yogurt, add Starbucks frappuccino, add off-brand instant coffee, add Hershey’s chocolate syrup to taste. ~Stir with a spoon, or share with a friend . . Or share . . . ON a friend. . ~

That’s Damn-Near a “Cafeine Feak-Show” / “Chocolate Milk Shake from a Booby!” It’s Super Hero, Bad-Ass, a Diet Breaker!  You know, regrets in the morning, but glorious abandon tonight?

*Triple Zip-zap-zoom!  **Ka-Boom!  ***Ka-Blam!  Here’s you’re winner.

Hot! Diggity!! DOG!!! DAMNED!!!!



Those of you who aren’t alcoholics don’t know… That you’re missing out… On some of the best tasting alcohol… Ever made!! Since time began! And our planet learned to conjure “booze”. 

WE MAKE IT Tasty, Sexy, Deadly!!

And by golly, it sells! 

Hot! Diggity! Dog!

If the Patriots can come back from 25 down, I think America can come back from Bad Government. It always has. See History. It’s just going to take a less shy, more Outspoken & Pro-Active Citizenry. Civic Duties may include more than voting, like speaking out against actions that undermine our Freedoms. Marching in warmer weather, standing your ground in the freezing tundras, seeing the Long Term Planetary Stability issues. Typing passionate words without writing a decent sentence. Actions like most of those brainstorming thoughts above except for the last two sentences. ~ Beyond Conventional Thinking for Non-Lemmings ~ E.P. DeWolff  (Emoticon-Guy of mine) —>    =;8^}

All right, Trump, Trump, Trump! Come on in Trump lovers! Here at the Witty Twister we’re slashing Trump in half! Give us an offer on our vast selection of Trump, this is a Trump blow out! All right, we got white Trump, black Trump, Spanish Trump, yellow Trump, we got hot Trump, cold Trump, we got wet Trump, we got smelly Trump, we got hairy Trump, bloody Trump, we got snappin’ Trump, we got silk Trump, velvet Trump, Naugahyde Trump, we even got horse Trump, dog Trump, chicken Trump! Come on, you want Trump, come on in, Trump lovers! If we don’t got it, you don’t want it! Come on in, Trump lovers!

~ by The DC Wizz Kids ~

I just realized my empathy gene sucks terribly. My world-view is often under-informed. My comedy . . .*edited & mulligan taken. My smart-ass gene wants to randomly call you a ‘Prick’ just for shock value, but my upbringing would have me immediately apologize profusely. My outreach skills are like the alligator arms getting the dinner check in that current commercial. My Acts of Friendship are often symbolic, so take that with a grain of salt. B.Y.O.S . . . Bring Your Own Salt. My compassion is lacking, or doesn’t have the Knack. Ma-ma-ma-ma-My Sharona. (Sorry, but still a killer hook & riff!) Odd morning, so status quo! *What would ‘Quo’ ever have done without ‘Status’? Mental Health? I might have 7 different brands of it. I’d brag about it, but was out-voted 6-1. Seems fair. This was written for a friend, or two, so clearly this is both ‘Serious’ and ‘not-so-serious’. Call this a cultural process shedding.

Scene: A McDonald’s in Golden Valley, Minnesota. It’s breakfast & bingo time. Silver haired seniors –they seem spirited–and BINGO cards are everywhere. Their mid-morning party is breaking up as my GF & I finish our McBreakfast. I empty my tray into the trash as she brushes behind me and, by the way, firmly grabs my ass! Ooo, McFrisky!  I look back at our table–funny–she’s still there. Then who just grabbed–? Ah-ha, a Senior, a Cougar, a Sabertooth Tiger is smiling at me . . a little too knowingly. Which would’ve bothered me except there’s a $5 tip in my back pocket & her friends have formed a line.  They’re paying for my Breakfast today, plus the next 5 days. Seemingly, I’m a menu item, the McFeel-Me. “Next up at the Playland Senior Stage: Howl it up, ladies, for Eric Peter DeWolff!” Partly, I’m horrified, and partly, Bah-da Bup-Ba-Bah, I’m Loving It! True story . . .
“When a moment turns Romantic, why pause to find a partner? You know yourself better than anyone else. Cee-Rosie (Not Alice): She’s ready whenever you are.
~Brought to you by Nature’s Choice, a subsidiary of WackNJam” ~
           ~   ~  ~